Bauereignis Sütterlin Wagner
Architecture and Process Design

The office Bauereignis Sütterlin Wagner was established in 2007 by Katharina Sütterlin (architect and carpenter) and Susanne Wagner (dipl. ing. interior architect).

We specialise in the design, development and furnishing of diverse multifunctional and individualised rooms using practical utilisation concepts and floor plans.

The aim is to diversify learning and working spaces in order to create an environment supporting inclusive education and freedom of movement. Our main clients are primary and nursery schools.

The highlight of the design process is the construction workshop “Bauereignis”: schoolchildren build their own learning environment under competent guidance.

Design ideas are developed together with the users and are discussed in a democratic process. This approach generates acceptance and identification with the result and increases the project´s functional qualities.

Schoolchildren as well as their families actively participate in the design and building of schoolrooms and schoolyards. This full design process promotes self-efficacy, participatory experience, the development of creative potentials and strengthens identification to the place.

Since 2007 we have been able to initiate and complete projects in many of Berlin´s schools, with financial support from the “Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung” (Berlins project funding for cultural education) and from the programme “Soziale Stadt”.

We have been invited to present our work in conferences, workshops and seminars throughout Germany. We also accompany schools in their process of development.

The following design companies, cooperation partners and employees have worked together in the planning and realisation of “Bauereignis” projects:

Filia Bähr (bachelor in architecture), Annika Falkstedt (master in architecture), Chatherine Folawiyo (bachelor in architecture), Mathilde Gaudin (interior designer), Gael Gros (designer), gruppeF landscape architects, Marita Haller (body therapist), André Heukamp (dipl. ing. arch.), Sandra Höfinghoff (dipl. designer), Felix Hugo (carpenter), Adriaan Klein (architect), ifau architects, Gottfried Knodt (construction of exhibitionsc), Lars Kreft (carpenter), Jürgen Kuhr (garden and landscape planner), Mona Kuschel (couturereal, Atelier für Textile Entwicklung), Anna Mayberry (bachelor in architecture), Max Remus (carpenter), Arno Schlömer (dipl. ing. arch.), Inge Sommer (product designer/ systemic consultant), Lucie Vogl (bachelor in architecture), Meret Wagner and others.

SELF-EFFICACY – the experience to be actively involved in defining goals and putting ideas into practice in order to achieve an “authentic” and reliable result.

ACOUSTIC DESIGN – to increase a room´s acoustic quality and to reduce stress by creating a comfortable environment.

FUNCTIONALITY – to support interaction on a daily basis with a straightforward, practical and appealing design.

MOBILITY – keeping natural flexibility alive by providing varied spatial opportunities to move around.

WELL-BEING – feeling welcome and comfortable with an individualised and generous design which users can identify themselves to.


2018: Awarded with the seal of quality „Particularly promotional for the development” by the Federal work force of the registered association for the Promotion of Posture and Movement


Since 2018: Direct financial aid by the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family/ Senate Department for Culture and Europe


2016: Member of the interdisciplinary expert team “Schulraumqualität” (School Space Quality), convened by the Senate of Berlin to convey research about prospective design of school buildings.


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